Aviary Fun!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, our family is waiting for a new baby!  It’s a good time to find some new, fun activities before we settle in for our postpartum “snuggle time.”

Last week, we investigated a local aviary.  We have a fairly wide age range across the children in our family, so I always wonder if the same activities are going to appeal to all of the kids.  From talking with other homeschooling families, I know that the subject of “schooling” children at vastly different stages of development together is often a point of concern.  In my experience, kids find what interests them and dig into those topics and activities at levels that are appropriate for their learning and their personalities.  That theory held true at the aviary.


I truly enjoyed watching my gang discover the birds and relish their array of sizes and colors.  We moved quickly through the exhibits, my husband and I hurrying along behind the kids as they explored with enthusiasm.  I loved hearing their exclamations of “Look at that one” and “Did you see how blue he was?”  So much fun.  And so much energy!



Admission costs add up quickly for a family our size, so purchasing a year-long pass made economical sense for us.  I’m excited to see what else we can investigate and enjoy as we make the aviary a regular part of our learning.  ~*~Erica


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