Mapping it out

Two weeks, 3 kids, 2 parents, 1 minivan, 3 regions to explore, and zero reservations made! That’s right, we went on a two week trip, mapped out the general regions we wanted to visit and could not commit to a schedule or exact places we wanted to stay. My inner control freak, live by the calendar self was somehow not the least bit worried about this as we packed up the car to head out. I certainly felt I should be worried but somehow embraced it. 

 We had decided to explore the Hudson Valley region, visit friends outside of Boston and explore southern Maine. We had a tent and other camping gear and planned to use Airbnb as well. Our lack of schedule worked out really nice. When we felt we got to see an area, we moved on to the next. If we got really excited, we stayed an extra day or two. Our travels were a lot like our homeschooling rhythm. Despite my attempts at planning our curriculum, we rarely seem to follow it.  We get pulled into an area of interest, they get consumed by a topic or we have fun things planned or invitations to spend time with friends or exciting events taking place.  We get pulled in so many directions. Our days are full and fun. Learning happens and we enjoy our time together. 

However, I still struggle with feeling I should have our days more carefully mapped out, our rhythm set and our curriculum laid out. I compare our homeschooling to others and fear I’m not quite doing it right. I worry that I’m too all over the place.  I think we are finding that balance and perhaps next year we can follow some plans a bit. This year was just fine. Like the road trip, we found our adventures, found some great places to stay and things to explore.



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