Spring has sprung…thank goodness!

Puddle splashing, dirt digging, building with sticks, playground exploring, sunshine soaking, fairy garden tending, chalk all over the driveway, scootering up and down the sidewalk, creek walks, roller blading, tree climbing, flower picking, seed planting, bird watching, hose play, mud sculpting…

Our days are full soaking up the excitement of spring and activities forgotten through the winter. Our driveway becomes our main play area once more. 
We are a family of five plus a sweet boxer dog. Miss J is 6 years old, Miss A is 3, and ‘lil R is 5 months. Our homeschool journey is just at the beginning. We are learning and figuring it out as we go. I’ll use this space to share our homeschool adventures and reflections. I hope you can connect to parts of our journey and it can be of use in someway to your life. 

It was a winter full of plenty of doubt about our homeschooling journey. A new baby, holiday bustle and dark dreary days made it impossible to get into a smooth flowing rhythm. Everything I envisioned for us in the fall and laid the groundwork for was flopping come January.

With the onset of spring, I’m embracing my winter struggles and finding hope in this season. I realized fall and spring are the times we are most focused and energized watching the changes around us in the seasons and driving our learning and activities.

I’m going to shake off those winter months and throw myself into spring. Follow the girls’ leads and make sure they get to where they want to go in their learning. We are reconnecting with friends, reaching out to some new homeschool groups, working (always) on our rhythm and being mindful of how we spend our days, discovering new parks and overall just getting pumped for what’s to come this season. 

Enjoy these days, ripe for the picking!



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